Letter from the President / CEO

Crystal Johnson


The Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic organization encompassing over 400 businesses that help to shape the economy, promote community awareness and set the pace for the future of Independence County. Through our programs, volunteer committees, and events, we are providing the services and resources to help our members grow while gaining exposure throughout our community.

We are committed to building solid partnerships with our members, the towns and cities we serve, local universities and colleges, and the non-profit agencies throughout the region. As an advocate for business, we strive to create a healthy economy while simultaneously preserving the quality of life we all enjoy.

The Chamber is comprised of a diverse group of people who share a passion for conducting business in our area and getting involved in the community. The opportunities for involvement are as diverse as our member base. To learn more about the Chamber and how you can get involved, please read through our website.

Again, welcome to the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce! Our experienced staff is available to help start your participation today.

Crystal Johnson