Mission Statement: The mission of the Batesville School District is to provide an appropriate and quality education for all students in a safe, harmonious environment in partnership with parents and the community. Individuals will be provided the opportunity to develop their unique potential as they

BATESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL – “Home of the Pioneers”

Batesville High has been awarded Blue Ribbon School status. The Blue Ribbon Schools Program is a United States government program created to honor schools. The Blue Ribbon award is considered the highest honor an American school can achieve.

Mission Statement: Batesville High School provides public education to the secondary schools in this district. We are a vital part of a three-fold cooperation between faculty and staff, the student body, and the local community. Together we work to ensure that the curriculum will support students who will develop life skills and accept challenging situations, so that they might become responsible participants in the global community.

BATESVILLE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL – “Blazing the Trail to Excellence”

Batesville Junior High School is a public middle school in the Batesville School District. It is among the few public middle schools in Arkansas to receive a distinguished Great Schools Rating of 8 out of 10.

The Batesville Junior High School vision is to provide the following:

  • a stringent, research-based curriculum which exceeds state and national standards;
  • data-driven formative assessment which will lead to the rich, relevant experiences students need to develop the skills and knowledge to compete in a global economy;
  • continuous transparent conversation and collaboration with all stakeholders–students, parents, teachers, administrators, and leaders in local industries;
  • commitment of all faculty and staff to high expectations for all learners;
  • positive guidance and discipline in a safe environment, enabling all learners to reach their highest social, physical, and emotional development


We are a magnet school that focuses on math, science, and technology. We have Kindergarten through 6th grade and two classes per grade. Our students attend weekly labs, have the opportunity to join various clubs, and get to go on some fabulous trips, including overnight trips to St. Louis, Space Camp, and Sea Camp.


Mission Statement: The mission of Eagle Mountain Magnet Health and International Studies Elementary School is to provide maximum academic, physical, and social development for each child through diverse learning opportunities. The school creates an infrastructure of support for healthy lifestyle choices and effective instructional strategies while empowering students to live successfully in a global community.


Standards Based Report Cards

The Batesville School District has developed a new Elementary report card that is Standards-Based. The change comes from the belief that our previous report card did not fully communicate what students are expected to know and be able to do. Similar changes are taking place throughout districts state-wide. The format of the new report card helps you better understand your child’s achievement of essential skills based on the Arkansas Department of Ed State Standards. These standards specify what students are expected to learn and be able to do at each grade level. Student grades reflect how well students are achieving these skills. Click on the links below for more information.


The mission of West Magnet Elementary School of Visual and Performing Arts is to collaborate with our community and parents in creating a culture of lifelong learners with emphasis on the arts that helps children fulfill their dreams in life and to be accountable for future generations.

EARLY LEARNING AND ENRICHMENT CENTER – School of the 21st Century, Linking Communities, Families, and Schools

Meeting the diverse needs of children and their families through an array of services starting before birth so that all children have the same opportunity to learn, grow, and develop to reach their fullest potential in life strengthening families and communities.


The Southside School District provides services to parents such as a Parent Resource Center (available during school and extended hours); seminars on topics such as starting school, helping with homework, positive discipline, and violence prevention; and connecting parents and families to state and local service agencies.

Southside High School “Home of the Southerners”

Mission Statement: “Southside School District is dedicated to providing students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes essential for a productive and purposeful life and creating an environment so that all learners can achieve.”

Southern Academy

Southerner Academy, an alternative learning environment, is a part of the Southside School District. The goal of the academy is to give students the opportunity to succeed academically, socially and personally by means of an alternative academic environment.

Southside Middle School

Southside Middle School is located south of the beautiful White River at 70 Scott Drive, Batesville, Arkansas. There are approximately 490 students in grades 5,6,7, and 8. There are 27 classrooms at Southside Middle School, and 9 special teachers in such areas as education, music, PE, G.T., speech, and art. We currently have 1 paraprofessional and 1 secretary.

Mission Statement: “We at Southside Middle School are dedicated to preparing our students with the skills and knowledge necessary for future success while learning to cope with adolescence.”

Elementary School

Welcome to Southside Elementary. Our school provides for its students, grades Kindergarten through fourth, an excellent beginning to their educational career. The faculty and staff work together as a team with parents and the community to ensure that all our students receive a quality education. Programs at Southside Elementary are child centered, delivered by qualified educators, and encourage each child to reach his/her potential. We are dedicated to providing a safe environment where all children can and will learn. “Together we will make a difference in the lives of children.”


Welcome to Southside Preschool. At Southside Preschool we currently have approximately 118 students ranging from 2 1/2 years old to 5 years old. We have three, 3 year old classrooms and three, 4 year old classrooms. Preschool standards and requirements have come a long way in the past few years. You can take pride in knowing that your child will not only be well taken care of, but will have a great foundation in the essential skills needed to achieve success once they reach elementary school. We have numerous tuition resources, such as, Arkansas Better Chance (ABC), Voucher, and private pay. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy and educate your child.


About Lyon

Lyon is more than just a college. It’s a community distinguished by its academic curriculum, unique Honor and Social Systems and award-winning professors.

As one of the premier liberal arts colleges in the South, Lyon strives to create a learning environment that is not only academically challenging, but one that is indicative of building character and integrity.

Lyon believes the character built by our students is just as important, if not more important, throughout life than the degree that is earned.


Lyon College offers a liberal arts education of superior quality in a personalized setting. A selective, independent, undergraduate, residential teaching and learning community affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Lyon encourages the free intellectual inquiry essential to social, ethical and spiritual growth. With a rich scholarly and religious heritage, Lyon develops, in a culture of honor, responsible citizens and leaders committed to continued personal growth and service.

Value Added

Putting a price on a college is relatively easy; determining its value is tougher.

US News and World Report along with other independent news media rank colleges on the basis of various statistics. By these measures, Lyon fares well. This past year Lyon ranked in the tier of what USN & WR calls America’s “best liberal arts colleges” -15th in terms of value.

That’s great – but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

College is about more than statistics; it’s about stories, dreams, aspiration and discovery. Lyon College can show you some great stats. But our students can tell you even better stories about their personal and professional growth and maturation.

Lyon’s academic curriculum is designed to develop character as well as intellect; it’s intended to prepare you for a lifetime of personal growth, professional fulfillment and service. Lyon graduates are sought by employers and welcomed by graduate and professional schools. For example, our medical and law school admission rates are more than 90 percent. Did we mention that almost all of our graduates complete their degrees in four years?

The Lyon community beyond the classroom is shaped by three key institutions: the Honor System, the Social System and the distinctive Residential House System. These provide daily lesson in integrity and responsibility while fostering those skills required for independent living.

Finally, Lyon is located in a beautiful college town, Batesville, Ark., that provides a welcoming, safe and convenient environment in which to live and grow as well as abundant opportunities for outdoor activities.


UACCB is a comprehensive community college committed to providing learning experiences that improve the lives of those we serve.

UACCB provides affordable access to technical education and college transfer programs that meet the diverse higher education needs of the citizens of north central Arkansas. The College also promotes economic development and an enhanced quality of life for the community through adult education, developmental education, customized business and industry training, and continuing education programs.